Sunday, April 5, 2015

30 Day Weight Loss Lab

I have to admit when I first signed up for the 30 Day Weight Loss Lab, I wasn't expecting to get to much out of it. Not because I doubted the content but because I'm the type of person that just wants the results without the effort. I'm always talking about changing my life style around but I seem to continue on with my old habits. 

However, I must say I was very impressed when I did officially start my first day. The workouts were fun & I looked forward to each weight loss lab. Each day had a different rotation of work outs to target different parts of my body. Also the 30 Day Weight Loss Lab trainer is very humble & is very encouraging. My first few days of getting into my new workout routine was tough but I pushed through it. Plus the more I worked out the stronger I felt. 

If I were to met someone today that wanted to change their life around, I would recommend the 30 Day Weight Loss Lab. I feel that if this could help motivate me to working out daily that it could help someone else too. Plus for those of you who would like to try the 30 Day Weight Loss Lab for yourself, feel free to check out their website:    

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I received a complimentary 30 Day Weight Loss Lab in exchange for my honest review.
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