Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Clear Shower Curtain Liner Review

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The Clear Shower Curtain Liner is a must especially if you'r using those fancy & usually expensive fabric shower curtains. You would think that this would be a common sense type of thing but you'd be surprised. Or come to think of it, I just might be speaking from a women's point of view since I had to introduce these to my guy. It's actually a funny story because when I first met him he had one of those fabric shower curtains with no liner. When I pointed this out to him, he just told me it was expensive. I then responded with thats why you need a liner, the fabric curtain doesn't keep the water in the tub & the water will actually damage the shower curtain over time. So needless to say lesson learned & I love my new Clear Shower Curtain Liner. Plus it is always a good idea to have a replacement on hand just in case you need a backup.

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