Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dream Dots - Treatment Patches For Breakouts Review

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Acne Patch - Dream Dots

Dream Dots are so fun & easy to use! Although, I did wish I had more then just 24 patches  to start with. Since as soon as my package arrived I used all 24 acne patches in just two days! Reason being, I have some extreme breakouts on my face, chest & back. So of coarse, finding a spot to experiment with wasn't difficult. However, I did wish Dream Dots would magically make my acne disappear overnight. Which I already knew wasn't possible to begin with, since the acne itself doesn't just appear over night it's a gradual build up. So in over for Dream Dots to be successful you'll need to reapply each night until gone.

Overall Dream Dots is an awesome product & you might even be able to wear them during the day under makeup to hide a bright red eye sore.

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I received a complimentary Dream Dots - Treatment Patches for Breakouts in exchange for my honest review.
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