Thursday, May 14, 2015

HotelSpa® Slimline Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

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The HotelSpa Slimline Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is too cool! Now even though I currently have the white one, I wish I had the blue one for the guest bathroom too! Since it's so easy to link my music from my phone to this speaker. Plus I'm able to enjoy my morning shower with some rock to wake me up or some country to help me relax. I also like how easy it is for me to turn the volume up or down. Or if I don't want to listen to the current song playing I can always change it with the push of a button

P.S. With your Amazon purchase though the link below you'll get to rock this awesome waterproof bluetooth speaker at home too! Plus you'd be doing me a huge favor by supporting my blog!

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I received a complimentary HotelSpa Slimline Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker in exchange for my honest review.

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