Tuesday, June 9, 2015


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Before I say anything about the book "Like A Dream by Shina James" I must say thank you to the author! I am so thankful you found me & gave me this opportunity to read your wonderful creation! By the way I loved how you got me hooked from the moment I started reading & how I was able to feel the emotions as I read. I even thought it was funny how I had a similar location that was named in the book too ;)


When "Like A Dream" first arrived on my doorstep I fell in love with the book cover. Then when I flipped through the book to the back I was overwhelmed, this is a thick book! I was excited that I'd get a nice, long juicy story but I was also nervous by the amount of reading I'd have to do to make it to the end.

However I was pleasantly surprised, after I was done checking out the book cover to cover. I grabbed a book mark (a coupon that happened to be laying next to me at the time) & I started reading. The book started with a bang from the very first chapter & I was hooked. I found every excuse to read another chapter to find out more. I'd wake up & read a chapter with my coffee. Then I'd start the dishes & I'd reward myself with another book break. Then I'd move onto doing the laundry & I'd read in-between loads. This would go on through out the day & when I'd usually only read a chapter before bed. I soon found out that with this book I had a hard time only reading one. So I'd give in & read a couple of chapters before bed.

Overall I loved reading this book & wished it didn't have to end so soon. Especially since it ended with a bang too! However I hear there is another book in the making that will continue the story & fulfill my need of knowing what happens next! Plus after reading this book you tend to feel attached to the emotions these people feel. I noticed a smile creep across my face whenever a positive moment occurred or even hate when something negative happened. So its hard not to want more...  

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I received a complimentary Book: Like A Dream in exchange for my honest review.

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