Sunday, March 29, 2015

15 inch Packing Organizer Review

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I love the Dot&Dot brand! Their 15 inch Packing Organizer is another great example of a nice looking & durable product. With so many color choices to choose from I would have been happy with any color, except I have a habit of choosing black every time.

What I like about the 15 inch Packing Organizer is I can use it to organize my closet. Or I can use it for day trips in the car. With so many possibilities I'll have a never ending list of duties for my new packing organizer.

Even my guy was impressed with the organizer & I have a feeling he may want to borrow it one of these days.

P.S. The 15 inch Packing Organizer is also available on Amazon & with your purchase you could help support my blog too! 

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I received a complimentary 15 inch Packing Organizer in exchange for my honest review.
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