Wednesday, April 15, 2015


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I'm excited to announce my recent GoGargle review opportunity! 

Now many of you may not know what GoGargle is all about because it is a new product. However it's literally all in the name! GoGargle is an awesome way to soothe & moisturize any sore throat! Plus being that I am one of the lucky ones, you know, getting to deal with some extreme allergies year round. I'm extremely thankful that GoGargle discovered me & has already helped me relieve my sore throat!

Now, before GoGargle I'd just let my allergy symptoms take over. Like constantly blowing my nose or having to deal with an unfortunate & distasteful nasal drip. Which when it would become extremely unbearable I'd break down & just gargle salt water! However, I personally don't like the taste of just salt water or how hash it is on my mouth & throat. Which would clear the mucus but then my irritated, itchy throat becomes sore & raw too!

Overall I love that GoGargle has the consumer in mind when they released this product to the public! It is a great over all product to have at home to use for any occasion. Whether its to help with a cold, allergies or just because you want a clean slate. GoGargle also uses a ton of great ingredients to help make this product work for me. As an added bonus, it tastes good too! So now gargling is not only beneficial but also fun to do!

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I received a complimentary GoGargle in exchange for my honest review.
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