My name is Chelsie Fletcher, I'm currently 25 & ready to fulfill a higher education! 

As of yesterday, Monday July 13, I took a tour of a beauty school to study Cosmetology. The Career Planing Specialist was so encouraging, it made me feel like anything was possible!

However, with the price tag of $21,018 it can seem a bit out of reach when you're already in debt. Although I am going to do whatever it takes to make it possible to improve my life. I will find a job to work around my education. I will pursue grants & scholarships to help make this more affordable. 

Even if you're reading & can't help financially. I would gladly accept any advice or leads that could be beneficial to making my dreams a reality. 


As for a little bit about myself & why I'm pursuing this now:

I've graduated high school back in 08 in the National Honors Society. So I'm goal driven & will always shoot for the best that I can give. However after I graduated I chose to go down a different path. I thought I was in love & ran off with my high school sweetheart. It turned out to be a big mistake he ended up taking me away from my friends, family & all that I had. 

In the long run I've experienced a lot of ups & downs in my short life span. I now consider all that I've been though as just another learning experience. Which growing up tends to have a lot of those & through our mistakes we find the light at the end of the tunnel!

Which it turned out to be quite an interesting journey! I've discovered I enjoy blogging & would love to own my own website one day to continue that passion. Plus with an education in cosmetology it will help me with my niche. I can work my way up to how to tutorials & make an income through selling products, advertisements & sponsorships.

I have a long list of goals ahead of me & by starting now I will only get closer to making my dreams come true!

Thank you,
Chelsie Fletcher

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